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Swiss CNC Screw Machining 8-axis with LIVE tooling

complete finished parts drop in minutes

small _0001s_0010_cnc and swiss chicago.jpg

Swiss capacity:

1-1/4" (32 mm) diameter bar capacity

Parts up to 30” length


Capable of producing complex parts

with fine surface finishes, Our

CNC Swiss machines can produce

high volume parts of the highest quality in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Multi-axis CNC swiss machines enable our machinists to perform precision machining of complex CNC parts in a single operation.  

Multi Axis machines are used when multiple operations are needed simultaneously. These different operations can include drilling, cross milling and turning and C-Axis interpolation. An advantage of this operation is that the process is a lot faster and more reliable than other methods.


Our CNC Swiss screw machines are armed with 2,000 PSI high pressure coolant pumps that supply cutting oil to the tip of tools to prolong tool life, produce superior finishes and close tolerances to +/- .0002, allowing us to cut very difficult materials such as high carbon steel, stainless steel and others with ease. 


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