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CNC Turning Multi Spindle

complete finished parts drop in minutes

small _0001s_0013_twin turret prodcution machining.jpg

CNC Turning

2" diameter bar capacity

8" diameter chucking capacity.

24” length




At Chicagoland Swiss, we are able to run 2” diameter round bar stock through the spindle. Any piece parts above 2” round, installation of a three-jaw chuck on the main spindle boosts our capacity to 8-inch round.


Capable of producing complex parts with fine surface finishes, Our CNC Swiss machines can produce high volume parts of the highest quality in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Multi-axis CNC swiss machines enable our machinists to perform precision machining of complex CNC parts in a single operation.  

We use twin spindle twin turret CNC Production Lathes equipped with bar loaders that automatically load the machine with 12' length bar stock. This process increases our production efficiency to a staggering 95%, which is a big reason why we can beat our competitor’s price.


Our CNC Production Lathes utilize two 12-station turrets - an upper turret with Y-axis slide, C-axis (all positions live capable) - as well as sub spindle for high efficiency machining. This is able to handle more complex work with higher productivity to satisfy the increasing demand for value-added parts. 


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