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Chicagoland Swiss is a Swiss screw machine company in Lombard Illinois that specializes in 8-axis Swiss screw machine parts, CNC multi-spindle turning and milling. Swiss screw machining is a type of precision machining that can produce small, complex parts with high accuracy.

Our CNC Swiss machines can produce high volume parts of the highest quality in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Multi-axis CNC swiss machines enable our machinists to perform precision machining of complex CNC parts in a single operation. These different operations can include drilling, cross milling and turning and C-Axis interpolation. An advantage of this operation is that the process is a lot faster and more reliable than other methods.


Chicagoland Swiss also uses twin spindle twin turret CNC Production Lathes equipped with bar loaders that automatically load the machine with 12' length bar stock. This process increases our production efficiency to a staggering 95%, which is a big reason why we can beat our competitor’s price.


  • Tolerances as tight as +/-0.0001 inches

  • 8-axis Swiss turning and milling

  • Fixed headstock machining up to 8" diameter

  • Custom machine shop

  • Prototype development

  • High-volume production


  • Precision machining

  • Complex geometries

  • Fast turnaround times

  • Material versatility

  • Cost-effectiveness

Contact us today to learn more about our Swiss screw machine capabilities and how we can help you achieve your business goals.


It starts with experience- that's how you save money. It's Design for Machining


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People also ask:

What is Swiss screw machining?

Swiss screw machining is a machining process that uses a Swiss-type machine. It differs from other machining equipment in that the cutting head is always cutting close to the guide bushing so there is minimal deflection and it yields high tolerences for long parts.

What is the difference between CNC machining and Swiss machining?

The main difference between traditional CNC turning and Swiss machining is that Swiss machines have a moveable head stock that enables the work piece to spin and move along the Z-axis, when using conventional lathes, the work piece remains stationary .

What are the advantages of Swiss screw machine?

  • Live tooling allows knurling, cutting, end slotting, threading, milling and turning in one operation

  • Better For Tight Tolerances & Complex Parts thanks to the cutting head occurring near the guide bushing

  • Less Deflection allows tolerances up to .0002"

  • Swiss Screw Machines Offer Design Flexibility since live tooling can perform all of the operations

  • High Production Efficiency- parts drop complete quickly

  • Less handling of the part means better precision and lower cost parts


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